The Weeknd Shares “Can’t Feel My Face” Video

Shades of Michael Jackson.

July 28, 2015
The Weeknd Shares “Can’t Feel My Face” Video Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Abel Tesfaye, who performs as The Weeknd, got two massive co-signs in less than 24 hours: both Tom Cruise and Beats Radio's Zane Lowe called Tesfaye's hit "Can't Feel My Face" the song of the summer. The clip for the track arrived today via Apple music. In the video, the singer serenades a club full of patrons that are either uncaring or hostile enough to throw drinks. But the Weeknd persists in the face of their indifference, embracing the spotlight, channeling the microphone moves of R&B greats like Michael Jackson and James Brown and eventually bursting into flame, at which point the crowd goes wild.


You can watch the clip here, and revisit the nine things we learned from the Weeknd's recent New York Times profile.

The Weeknd Shares “Can’t Feel My Face” Video