Jeezy Releases New Single Along With Cryptic Letter About Politics And Superstition

Listen to “God,” the rapper’s dark new track.

August 31, 2015


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2015 has been a year of reflection for Jeezy. The 10th anniversary of his Thug Motivation 101 album caused him to pen an open letter looking back on his career. Today he shared another document that covered a much wider variety of topics.


Jeezy starts with a discussion of systemic racism. "I would like to take this time to ADDRESS the Street Disciples and Congregation to express my concerns and frustrations on what’s going on in our communities all over the world today," he writes. "There’s a war going on, but you have to ask yourself, who is the enemy?... We die to claim our streets and hoods when we don’t own as much as a mail box. That tells me one thing—If we all were on the same page and had the same cause, there is nothing in the world we can’t change or make happen."

Then the rapper pivots to explain an Instagram post. "I recently revealed a short visual on Instagram, which showed a black cat walking past a door with a cross painted on it. Let me take the time to explain the meaning of this. You see the black cat is something we’ve always associated with bad luck and evil...The truth is if you see a cat walking as if it has a destination, it more than likely is following its own path. The question is are you following yours?"

Finally, Jeezy ends his statement with a cliffhanger. "This is coming from a place of passion and not ignorance. To Be Continued…Friday, November 13th."

According to Karen Civil, it "appears that Jeezy will be releasing new album on November 13th and a new single titled “GOD” later today."

Read his full letter below.

Update, 08/31/2015, 1:00 PM: Jeezy shared a new single titled "God."

The track is produced by TM88 and Southside, who have worked with many younger Atlanta rappers, including Future and Young Thug. Listen here, and read up on the producers' Kill Bill sample—which is currently running Atlanta rap.

Jeezy Releases New Single Along With Cryptic Letter About Politics And Superstition