Lafawndah Signs To Warp And Premieres Self-Directed “Tan” Video

It’s the title track from her new EP due out February.

November 18, 2015

GEN F alum Lafawndah has signed to U.K. label Warp Records, who will release her new EP, titled Tan, on February 5 2016. It follows from last year's dance-y, joyful debut EP Chili, which was recorded on the French-Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.


For her new EP Tan, the Parisian artist returned to an island environment—it obviously works—to record Tan, this time a little closer to her adopted home of N.Y.C: Fire Island, off the shore of Long Island. Today we're premiering a glowingly seductive new video for the title track, which Lafawndah self-directed. "'Tan' is the first song I wrote for the EP on Fire Island, with collaborators Nick Weiss and Tamer Fahri," she told The FADER. "The title is a nod to Duke Ellington dedicating his musical Jump of Joy 'to the Suntanned Tenth of the Nation.'" Watch it above, and spot Lafawndah's cameo.

Lafawndah Signs To Warp And Premieres Self-Directed “Tan” Video