Stormzy’s #ShutUpForXmasNo1 Campaign Is The Best Thing About Christmas 2015

Whether he gets to number one or not, the MC has already made history.

December 22, 2015

Last week, Stormzy cracked the U.K.'s top 10 with a grime freestyle—which would be a historical feat in itself—and he's not done yet. The south London MC wants to get said freestyle, "Shut Up" (his take on 2004 instrumental "Functions On The Low"), to number one for Christmas Day. There's a few reasons why this would be monumental—the most important one being that it would be historical for grime, and another being that it would be nothing short of amazing to have a song with the line hot chocolate and a panini to go blasting out of the radio on Christmas Day.

For most artists, a promo campaign like this might involve a few interviews and hashtags, but Stormzy likes to do things a little differently. The last couple weeks have been like a cross between a campaign trail and a victory lap, involving hanging out with fans, making parody films, and breaking chart records. Here's the essential recap.

He went round a fan's house to watch his Soccer AM interview and smoke weed.
He got a co-sign from Craig David, in the form of a freestyle over "Functions on the Low."
He created a parody of The X Factor, called The G Factor.
And performed a Christmas version of "Shut Up" on BBC 1Xtra (we're reppin', aka sleighin').
He repped "Shut Up" in Nigeria.
He adorned at least one Christmas tree.
He proved you can dab to "Shut Up."
He's been personally thanking as many fans as possible for buying and streaming the single.
He's even got staff at betting shops streaming "Shut Up" on Spotify.
(And in the middle of it all, he wrapped shooting on his first movie.)
Regardless of how the charts go this week, last week he made history by getting "Shut Up" to number eight (ahead of X Factor winner Louisa Johnson).
...Not to mention, getting it in rotation on a major U.K. radio station.
Stormzy’s #ShutUpForXmasNo1 Campaign Is The Best Thing About Christmas 2015