Zelooperz Shares “ISBD” Video

The Bruiser Brigade artist’s new album Bothic drops soon.

February 08, 2016

ISBDProduced by Bulletproof DolphinFxkry by @RFFMRCY c/o myaccomplice.co.ukRep > Jen@lasbandas.tvBruiser Brigade Records

Posted by Zelooperz on Monday, February 8, 2016

The comparisons between Zelooperz and Danny Brown, who signed him to his Bruiser Brigade label, are easy. And even though Zelooperz's new video for “ISBD” shares the same directors (Ruff Mercy) and hectic animation as Brown's “ODB,” the song itself is raw and reckless in a way that's all his own. The Detroit rapper chants the song's title - “I should be dead” - with a hyper-coloured anxiety: If Nickelodeon did a cartoon musical adaptation of Re-animator, “ISBD” is something one of the disembodied heads could be rapping. Zelooperz's new album Bothic is coming soon.

Zelooperz Shares “ISBD” Video