Richard Kennedy Takes Us Through A Breakup With “Heartbeat”

Warning sign, prepare for doom.

February 12, 2016

Just before Valentines Day, Richard Kennedy opens the door to a room still ruined from the whirlwind of an ended love on his latest song, "Heartbeat." Kennedy soulfully sings of the dangers of not handling the fragile post-break up phase with care, accompanied by an electro sound. He takes us through his emotional stages with lines like, I don't need to mention/ you crave my affection and expresses that he's not interested in exerting his energy on the trivial bullshit and silly things that often take over. The sultry singer softens up a few lyrics later when he sends love to his ex as they both go through the throes of grappling with distance.

Kennedy explained the inspiration behind the song in an email to The FADER, "HeartBeats is a song I wrote In London summer 2014. I was on the tube reading about tricked out panic rooms in houses of rich people and it all just had this very eerie parallel to the current state of my love life. Its a song about the break down that follows a break up... when love seems like war—Warning sign, prepare for doom/ Now you're trapped in a panic room


Enjoy "Heartbeat" below.

Richard Kennedy Takes Us Through A Breakup With “Heartbeat”