Nef The Pharaoh Shares “Mobbin” Video

“In a crowd of 100,000, I’ma stand out.”

March 02, 2016

Nef's new video comes with a warning of sorts: "Don't put your seat-belts on; go dumb as possible. Try not to hit your heads, cause we don't have insurance, ya feel me? We mobbin.'" The track pays homage to west coast rap legends—there's a prominent Snoop Dogg sample—but Nef makes it clear that he's his own man: In a crowd of 100,000, I'ma stand out/ I never really been the type to have my hand out. BJ Coooper and PR Film directed the clip; watch above.


Thumbnail Image: Nef The Pharaoh's Instagram

Nef The Pharaoh Shares “Mobbin” Video