Kap G Tangles Another Guy’s “Girlfriend” On New El Southside Track

The Atlanta rapper’s new DJ Drama-hosted mixtape El Southside drops March 7.

March 03, 2016

Kap G is kicking shit and smoking blunts with a new girl on "Girlfriend," another new track off his upcoming DJ Drama-hosted mixtape El Southside. The said girl is thick and pretty, like Amber Rose, Kap explains, and she works at famed Atlanta strip club Blue Flame—also, oops, she's taken.

Why you trying to fuck with me? Babe, you got another guy, he grumbles on the Squat Beats production. But the girlfriend persists: She say, 'Can I come again?' Maybe, girl, another time. And by the sounds of it, Kap can't quite shake the thought of her: Tramp stamp on the bed, what is that, a butterfly?


Kap told The FADER that "Girlfriend" is based on a true story. But, as to who's girl it was, he won't say. ”I can't mention the name of the young lady that I'm speaking of because she is still with her dude,” he chuckled. Fair enough!

Listen to "Girlfriend" below. Kap G's El Southside is slated

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Kap G Tangles Another Guy’s “Girlfriend” On New El Southside Track