Watch Sevdaliza Morph Into Her Future Self In The “Marilyn Monroe” Video

A strong visual for a track off her Children of Silk EP.

March 30, 2016

In many of her visuals, the Iranian-Dutch artist Sevdaliza has demonstrated an inclination, or at least an interest, in shape-shifting. She's used 3D to molt entire worldscapes, and hair, makeup, and fashion to become every woman. Across all, she cuts a strong presence. In her music, the most recent release of which was last fall's Children of Silk EP, Sevdaliza is just as formidable, using her voice, and the quiet spaces around it, to chilling effect. The video for "Marilyn Monroe," off Children of Silk, manages to encapsulate all of those qualities: Sevdaliza plays the role of a rebooted woman, a post-humanoid becoming her future self.


"Inspired by a testimony of connecting inner and outer strength, Marilyn Monroe portrays the process of gracefully becoming stronger, a practice of remembering the muscles, the limbs, the bones, the face, the self, and completion of an evolving ex-human's body, mind and soul," Sevdaliza wrote in an email to The FADER. "She gracefully represent the struggle with the future self and tries to find spiritual truth through computed experiences." Same, tbh.

Sevdaliza Tour Dates

April 8 - Amsterdam @ De School
May 21 - Warsaw @ RBMA Weekender
June 16 - Barcelona @ Sonár Festival
June 17 - Helsinki @ Sideways Festival
June 18 - Hilvarenbeek @ Best Kept Secret Festival
August 13 - Hannover @ Fuchsbau Festival
August 18 - Hasselt @ Pukkelpop Festival

Watch Sevdaliza Morph Into Her Future Self In The “Marilyn Monroe” Video