Snow Tha Product Tries Something New In Slick “Nights” Video

The sharp tongued rapper shows off a softer side—sort of.

May 25, 2016

Snow Tha Product first caught our ear in 2014, when she held her own alongside David Banner and King Los during a BET Hip-Hop Awards's cypher. She's a sharp tongued rapper and strong willed, but now, she's now looking to breakout with a new sound.


Today, she has premiered a slick twofer video that opens with "Nights," a slinky R&B track about the acquaintances we make in the after hours, and closes with a barbed track called "Get Down Low," that is more in line with what we've come to expect from her. She snaps: Good luck giving me to give a fuck again.

This video, Snow told The FADER, "represents a new musical direction for me. I came up on the hip-hop underground scene and wanted to express myself through a different approach other than the sound I’m typically known for."

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Snow Tha Product Tries Something New In Slick “Nights” Video