Mø’s “Final Song” Video Is Superhuman

The Danish pop artist levitates and wields an albino python.

June 09, 2016

The albino python's having a moment not seen since one of the reptiles stole the show from Britney Spears at the 2001 VMAs. Kaytranada cozied up with one in his recent “Glowed Up” video, and now wields one like a dæmon in her new video for “Final Song.” In this new visual for her MNEK-produced single, the Danish artist seems like she has superpowers: levitating from the Trona Pinnacles in the Californian desert, and invoking a troupe of writhing dancers with a flick of her wrists.


Mø explained in a press release: "I really wanted this video to tell the story of being reconnected with your inner strength — that spark within you that keeps you going. I wanted it to illustrate what the song means to me: from being fragile; to surrendering to the open space; to slowly regaining your power; before demanding the spirit-animal come back to you."

Watch the video above, and revisit our recent profile of Mø here.

Mø’s “Final Song” Video Is Superhuman