Violence’s “Psycud” Video Is A Noise-Rap Crime Scene

The NON Records artist takes a hit of toxic masculinity and has a bad trip.

August 15, 2016

VIOLENCE, the Baltimore artist preparing to release their A Ruse Of Power LP for NON Worldwide on August 26, is sharing an unsettling vision of hip-hop and its attendant culture in his video for "Psycud." Described by Mykki Blanco as "a rock n’ roll Buddhist monk from the hood," VIOLENCE specializes in a more brutal and confessional offshoot of Dälek's noisy-yet-colorful rap. They pull no punches in the visuals either, which are equally revealing and confrontational.


"[The] lyrics illustrate an image of failing masculinity," VIOLENCE told The FADER over email. "Subjugation through inherited being, combined with apathy which is illustrated through drug abuse and wanton violence. It’s coming from a place which is defined through an undeserved autonomy. Through the video I try to make the subversive aspects of the song, which is so aggressive and violent, more apparent. There’s a kind of misery there, the place where these lyrics came from, that is so small and internal it’s often overlooked because it cuts into the order that the subject's world is defined by."

Violence’s “Psycud” Video Is A Noise-Rap Crime Scene