Earth Is A Cold Place, So Twelve’Len Looks For Love In Space In All Week Long

The Miami musician goes reference-heavy in his new short film.

September 27, 2016

On "Jack & Ginger," the latest track from Twelve'Len's upcoming album Friends, the Miami alt-R&B artist merges Miguel's vocals with Tracy Chapman-esque acoustic noodling. The bare and confessional song is the inspiration for All Week Long, a new short film directed by Jonathan M. Machado, premiering today on The FADER. Loaded with nods to Mr. Robot, Stranger Things, and 2001: A Space Odyssey, Twelve'Len travels through the galaxy hoping to escape The Matrix of everyday life, and maybe even find some Interstellar love.


"Everyone relates to the everyday getting on your job struggle. But there's beauty in struggles and resistance, it's a slice of a day like cake that makes everything a little sweeter and better," Twelve'Len wrote about the song "Jack & Ginger" in an email to The FADER, also describing how All Week Long came together. "The great director Jonathan M. Machado and I came together to create a storyline that would complement the song where I'm trying to make it to the weekend. Machado came up with the space travel idea in order to enter another dimension and find love — as well as other underlying messages that I rather the audience strip and discover themselves while watching. The woman in the video is a multi-cultural collage, representing the divine feminine."

Watch All Week Long above, then check out Twelve'Len's video for "Star Dust" plus his new track "Unusual Ventures."

Earth Is A Cold Place, So Twelve’Len Looks For Love In Space In All Week Long