Listen to Bones’ Brooding New Track, “CtrlAltDelete”

The San Fernando rapper’s UNRENDERED project is coming soon.

October 03, 2016

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San Fernando rapper Bones has dropped brooding new track “CtrlAltDelete,” from his forthcoming "UNRENDERED" project. So far, there's no set date for when the TeamSESH cult leader will release new material, which will be the follow-up to his PaidProgramming2 tape.


Produced by French artist Migu, “CtrlAltDelete" follows the dark and bitter narrative of Bones' lost love. He signs off his verse with a pretty corny keyboard metaphor: Once I hit you with that backspace, you ain't coming back / Control Alt Delete you, give me space like tab. Listen below.

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Listen to Bones’ Brooding New Track, “CtrlAltDelete”