Bones Shares New Track “TermsAndConditions”

The TeamSESH rapper has a second project in the works.

October 13, 2016

Bones - TermsAndConditions online now

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Just over a week after sharing a track from the upcoming UNRENDERED project, Bones has returned with "TermsAndConditions," a new, reliably creepy song from a different project, SoftwareUpdate1.0. The two minute track is an angsty meditation on fame, which the San Fernando rapper had some choice words about in his GEN F profile: “All the people that are big and making so much money off music are such dickheads. Everyone. Seriously, everyone.” Here, Bones is more vulnerable in his monotoned criticisms: Money don't exclude you from pain/ 'Fame' ain't nothing but a single syllable that we use to say/ Known by some people but not known truly either. Listen below.

Bones Shares New Track “TermsAndConditions”