A-Trak Shares In The Loop: A Decade of Remixes

The collection archives blog era favorites from the Fool’s Gold co-founder.

November 11, 2016

A-Trak's new collection, In The Loop: A Decade of Remixes, archives 12 of the Fool's Gold co-founder's best flips of popular tracks. In doing so, it also functions as something of a love letter to a bygone era in music blogging, and to mid-'00s, Hype Machine-fueled internet remix culture.


"I learned how to produce by doing remixes," A-Trak notes in the liner notes accompanying the collection's vinyl release, citing the "shared economy" that helped him forge connections to other artists through the format. "For me this all started as electronic music blogs were spreading."

The collection features a handful of the producer's biggest remix smashes from the era, including his take on the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll," and cuts from Phoenix, The Rapture, plus newer remixes of songs by Disclosure and others. Stream below and check out the six-piece vinyl set here, via Fool's Gold.

A-Trak Shares In The Loop: A Decade of Remixes