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Solange Says She Has No “Traditional” Plans To Tour A Seat At The Table

She’s only playing museums and festivals right now.

April 25, 2017

still glowing from portland

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Solange recently debuted her stunning new live show in Portland but it looks like the chances of seeing it are going to be limited. Speaking to Complex at Coachella this past weekend, she confirmed that she isn't looking to book any lengthy tours and, instead, is focusing on one-off events like festivals and museum shows.


"There’s no tour in the works," Solange said, "right now I have two different shows. I have one that is more a performance piece show that is being performed in museums, and more in the art context. And then I have festival shows. As of now, I’ve not scheduled a proper tour in the more traditional sense."

Among Solange's upcoming shows is an appearance at the Guggenheim in New York as part of this year's RBMA Festival.

Instagram image and thumbnail by Bradley W. Parks/OPB.

Solange Says She Has No “Traditional” Plans To Tour A Seat At The Table