Vetements Reveals New Vans Slip-Ons-Turned-Slides

The brand is back at it again with the alternative repurposing.

July 07, 2017


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Over the past week, Vetements has taken to their Instagram to share up-close peeks at their Spring/Summer 2018 line-up. The label, which became known for incredibly long sleeves and lighter heel boots, has not stepped down from their internet-troll-meets-punk position in the fashion world.


Perhaps what illustrates this best is their newest footwear silhouette: a Vans slip-on sneaker with its heel purposefully broken down, thus making it a slide. The model also features a black and aqua colorway, with the aqua seemingly drawn atop the white canvas of the shoe, rather than being dyed on. We can't decide whether these are cheeky in a genius way or totally absurd — we just thought you should know.

Vetements Reveals New Vans Slip-Ons-Turned-Slides