Gucci Mane Says He’s Writing A Film Script

The Atlanta rapper wanted to write a movie before he started work on his autobiography.

September 20, 2017


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Gucci Mane is about to publish his first book, The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane. That book began while he was serving time in jail. However, it could just have easily been a script for a movie, according to Gucci himself.


Speaking to Vulture about his upcoming autobiography, Gucci was asked if he had planned to write a book for a while or whether it was something he needed to be talked into. "I actually wanted to write a screenplay." the Atlanta rapper said, though he did not specify what the script would be about. "While I was in prison my friend [Spring Breakers director] Harmony Korine was sending me books and telling me to write a screenplay. Then one day, my engineer told me that I should write a book."

Later in the interview Gucci is quoted as saying: "I’m 100 percent writing another book and I’m definitely going to write that screenplay."

In January of this year Gucci released independent movie The Spot, which co-stars his fiancée Keyshia Ka’oir and Rocko. The comedy movie was directed by Mr. Boomtown and written by Cedric Huff.

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Gucci Mane Says He’s Writing A Film Script