MNEK’s “Tongue” is iconic and should be respected as such

A great song AND video.

March 09, 2018

London pop producer/star MNEK released his excellent new single "Tongue" last week with The FADER, and today, he dropped an equally impressive video for the song. In the clip, he executes choreo on a "Billie Jean"-esque dinner table, gives the camera beauty and face, and manages to land a lover. It's a great music video, a fitting visual for a song that feels like the first real contender for the coveted title of Song of the Summer.


The song's chorus — that little flurry of monotone whispers — is like the queer version of Eminem's "Forgot About Dre" hook and I have already committed all the words to memory. Every part of the song is addicting, especially the bridge where the beat goes to 11 and MNEK gives us a smattering of "tippy-teas" and "ta ta tas" to enjoy. Every second of this song is fun and relentless and I hope it goes to #1 in every country in the world.

MNEK’s “Tongue” is iconic and should be respected as such