Brockhampton say God told them not to release their new album

The rap collective continue to troll.

March 20, 2018

At the end of 2017 Brockhampton announced its fourth album Team Effort would be released at an undetermined date in 2018. On Tuesday morning, Brockhampton announced on Twitter that they wanted to release Team Effort next week, but a divine presence interfered.


"Team Effort was scheduled to be released next week, but we spoke to God and She told us to save the album for another time," the band wrote. Read the tweet above.

Brockhampton is known for trolling around its album releases. The band's recent project Saturation III was branded "The last studio album from Brockhampton," though the band's Kevin Abstract later walked that back on Beats 1, saying "It seems like more of a moment than just it's the end of the trilogy—or end of the era. Even though everybody knows it's not really our last album."

With all that considered, it's possible that Brockhampton's Tuesday morning tweet constitutes an announcement that Team Effort will be released next week. A representative for Brockhampton declined to comment when reached by The FADER.

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Brockhampton say God told them not to release their new album