Layton Greene and SiR pitch reality shows for their labels

“I wouldn’t even know what to call it… Dysfunctional as Hell

October 08, 2019

Layton Greene and SiR are on different labels — Quality Control and Top Dawg Entertainment, respectively — but, when asked what they’d call a reality show based on each of their imprints in the latest episode of Would You Rather, they have similar ideas. “Ours would probably just be called Hell Nah… [or] The ScHoolboy Q Show” laughs SiR while Layton just shakes her head: “Dysfunctional as Hell.” As for who would be the most memorable character, SiR says it might be Zacari: “I think you get him drunk enough…”


Elsewhere, SiR says he would rather release a five-track project every week than perform at a wedding every week: “I’m sure I’m gonna have like a toothbrush song in there.” SiR also opens up about his family and early childhood performing in church. “I have a problem with my surroundings not changing,” he says. “My mom works at a church so we’ve been to a lot of funerals and we’ve been to a lot of weddings.” Layton on the other hand? “No one I know has gotten married.”

For more label gossip and wedding plans, watch the full Would You Rather at the top of the page and listen to Layton Greene’s new EP, Tell Ya Story and SiR’s album, Chasing Summer below.

Layton Greene and SiR pitch reality shows for their labels