Brian Eno remixes Patti Smith and Soundwalk Collective’s “Peradam”

The track is part of a deluxe box set due out Friday, including a 7-track remix record titled The Perfect Vision: Reworkings.

November 23, 2022
Brian Eno remixes Patti Smith and Soundwalk Collective’s “Peradam” Left to right: Soundwalk Collective’s Stephan Crasneanscki, photo courtesy of Bella Union; Brian Eno, photo by Cecily Eno; Patti Smith, courtesy of Bella Union.  

Patti Smith and Soundwalk Collective have produced a startling amount of collaborative work in the past few years, dropping an album trilogy based on the world travels that inspired the work of three icons of French poetry. Early 2019’s The Peyote Dance focused on Antonin Artaud’s hallucinatory journey through the Sierra Tarahumara in Mexico; Mummer Love, released later the same year, centered Arthur Rimbaud’s travels in Ethiopia’s Abyssinian valley; and 2020’s Peradam recounted René Daumal’s trip through the Himalayas. All three projects were recorded on location.


Today, in anticipation of a box set comprising those LPs as well as a seven-track record titled The Perfect Vision: Reworkings, Bella Union has shared Brian Eno’s remix of Peradam’s title track. Eno’s version of the piece compresses it down to a just over half its original length and infuses its originally minimal instrumentation with eerie, rattling percussion and ominous, droning synths.

In addition to Eno’s remix, the forthcoming project will feature reimaginings of Smith and Soundwalk’s joint work from Laraaji, Lotic, Lucrecia Dalt, Atom TM, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, and Jim Jarmusch. (The latter two artists’ contributions — “Song of the Highest Tower” and “Eternity,” respectively, have already been released.) Listen to the new track and view The Perfect Vision: Reworkings’ tracklist below.

The Perfect Vision: Reworkings tracklist

1. Peradam (Brian Eno remix)
2. Song Of The Highest Tower (Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith rework)
3. Ivry (Laraaji rework)
4. Bad Blood (Lotic rework)
5. Indian Culture (Lucrecia Dalt remix)
7. Song Of The Highest Tower (AtomTM remix)
7. Eternity (Jim Jarmusch rework)

Brian Eno remixes Patti Smith and Soundwalk Collective’s “Peradam”