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Christopher Owens: Christopher’s Theme

The former Girls frontman sets out on his own. On the morning of July 2, 2012, Christopher Owens rose with the sun. His mind was restless, he had slept poorly and the room at his … read more »

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Live: FYF Fest

Since Sean Carlson launched the Fuck Yeah Fest (since tastefully neutered to its current acronym, FYF) as a one-night hardcore showcase at the Echo in 2004, the event has reached full bloom, relocating to LA … read more »

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Cat Power: Light Years

Cat Power has come a long way. Chan Marshall’s rawness is a major source of her strength as an artist, but it has also sometimes placed her in great personal peril. Without vigilance, self-protective details … read more »

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Live: Mad Decent Block Party in LA

On Saturday, we interrupted our regularly scheduled L.A. weekend routine—making our own nut milks, foraging the yard for purslane, sexually harassing the baristas at Intelligentsia—to drop by the Mad Decent Block Party for a quickie … read more »

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Live: Roots Picnic 2012

As music festivals go, the Roots Picnic is very much its own beast. With none of the ditzy-hippie desert accessories—dream catchers, feathers, beaded headbands—of Coachella, the corporate-sponsored social media machine of SXSW, the daunting primal … read more »

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Live: Ultra 2012

We didn’t know flip-all about Ultra before heading to Miami last week, and this turned out to be a good thing. “Ultra? Aren’t you scaaared?” acquaintances would hiss when they learned of our plans. Or … read more »

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Live: SXSW 2012

You’re born. You learn to walk, use a fork, make prank calls, kiss with tongue, tell a lie (not necessarily in that order). And, eventually, you go to SXSW. In the weeks building up to … read more »

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Live: Noise Pop 2012

San Francisco: neck tattoos, biker boots, pot smoke, excellent food, terrible jeans. Our Noise Pop adventure begins at a festival-sponsored happy hour at Benders bar in the Mission with the revelation, approximately ten seconds into … read more »

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GEN F: Best Coast

Best Coast is every girl’s dream. It’s an open secret that teenage girls basically run the country. Armed with a lethal combination of surging hormones and disposable incomes, they are the target demographic of ad … read more »

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Beat Construction: Girls’ Sophomore LP, Father, Son, Holy Ghost

There’s a song on Girls’ sophomore album Father, Son, Holy Ghost, that opens with a surpassingly pretty and gentle classical guitar melody. “Just a Song” was written by frontman Christopher Owens and appears just past … read more »

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