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TOPS change of heart

Montreal’s TOPS Are Back; Watch the Homemade “Change of Heart” Video

It’s been a couple years since Montreal four-piece TOPS released their great, sort-of overlooked debut Tender Opposites, a record full of intricate Lite Rock that makes you want to shimmy in a foggy club while … read more »

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Watch Montreal Crooner Sean Nicholas Savage Bare His Soul (and Chest) in New Video

FADER PREMIERE Looking like a 1920s street urchin in short pants with slicked back hair and a bare chest, Montreal singer-songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage lets loose in the video for his jaunty, piano-led pop song … read more »

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Discover the Epic, Orchestral Pop of Lydia Ainsworth

FADER PREMIERE New Arbutus Records signing Lydia Ainsworth makes music that straddles worlds like she’s picking flowers. Debut single “White Shadows” shimmies from delicate digital composition to stirring psych-folk, before blooming into an orchestral pop … read more »

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Stream: Calvin Love, “Wild Blue”

FADER PREMIERE Late last year, Edmonton-based Calvin Love released New Radar, a full-length collection of sparse bedroom rock that channels the bleak, frigid loneliness of Canadian winter months. “Wild Blue,” the b-side to his brand … read more »

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Stream: Paula, “Black Acura”

Before TOPS, the Montreal band’s David Carriere released a happily scuzzy solo LP as Paula. Originally a pay-what-you-want download via Arbutus, the album is out today on vinyl via Drag City imprint Ethereal Sequence. “Black … read more »

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Live: Mutek Festival Day 2

Navigating electronic music in a strange city By my second day at Mutek, I had enough of a grasp of the city’s logistics to feel ready to explore a little more (read about my first … read more »

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Family Tree: Six Degrees of Grimes

Grimes lives out of a suitcase most days of the year, but being one of the most talked-about artists in music also makes you a full-time ambassador for your home town. Across musical collaborations with … read more »

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Download Blue Hawaii’s FADER Mix

After some impressive shows in New York this fall, at CMJ and opening for Grimes, we tapped Montreal duo Blue Hawaii, comprised of real-life couple Agor and Raph, for a FADER mix. Theirs is a … read more »

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