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Stream Herve’s Album The Art of Disappearing

Hervé’s The Art of Disappearing is feather-light. It’s an album that specializes in shaping loose tones and soft synths into songs with serious backbone. With the help of a few notable guests (Maria Minerva, Niki … read more »

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Open Bar: Austra

Austra came through Veronica Peoples Club in Brooklyn to haunt the small patch of garden they found outside and sing a couple tunes for us, including their cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock.” Check that out … read more »

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Austra Does “Woodstock”

So not surprising that Ontario-based Austra did a pretty nice cover of Alberta’s own Joni Mitchell. Canadians are so nice! Austra sounds super articulate in Mitchell’s garden, and Mitchell sounds way more stardusty in Austra’s … read more »

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Austra’s Adventures in Spray Tanning

Director M Blash’s new video for Toronto-based trio, Austra’s, “Lose It” features a mock living room set that feels like it could very well be included in a museum “group show” of up-and-coming artists. The … read more »


Maud’s Bigger in Texas: Listmania Edition

My Week in Austin is over, I’m back in Los Angeles. There were things that didn’t make it into my posts, however, and since I want you to feel like you, too, were there in … read more »

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Maud’s Bigger in Texas: Day 4

My final day in Austin was the hottest yet, literally. I realized late Friday night that the shoes I had been wearing were soon to lose their soles, and after days and days of The … read more »

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Austra, “The Beat and the Pulse” MP3

On the surface, this Austra song is just a propulsive electronic jammer with ghostly vocals floating over the top. Been done, right? But there are little bits that make this worth coming back to again: … read more »

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