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Bob Dylan Records a Truly Weird New Cover of a Frank Sinatra Song

People think of Bob Dylan as an icon, but at his core, he was always more of an unpredictable, upending iconoclast: at 72 years old, Bob Dylan keeps that spirit alive with a truly odd … read more »

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Watch Danny Brown in a Bob Dylan Video

This Christmas, Bob Dylan is dropping a 43-disc box set. To celebrate, he’s released an interactive music video for “Like A Rolling Stone,” which supposedly never appears the same to any two viewers, and features … read more »

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Cover Art: Bob Dylan’s “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol” and Rich Homie Quan’s “Type of Way”

Associate editor Duncan Cooper and art director Harry Gassel share a special fondness for amateur YouTube covers—songs sung solo in someone’s bedroom, shot through their webcam and into the world. In their new column, Cover … read more »

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Live: Christopher Owens at Le Poisson Rouge

It seemed just yesterday all anybody could think about was Rihanna’s much hullabalooed appropriation of an open-sourced internet aesthetic for her recent SNL performance, which brought up so many issues of ownership and authenticity. How … read more »

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Dad You Be Killin Em: Mark Frank

We have so much to thank our fathers for. In addition to teaching us how to ride bikes and be good sports, they’ve also been our sagely guides through life. As a small token of … read more »

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Video: Frank Ocean’s Coachella Performance

Met her at Coachella/ I went to see Jigga, she went to see Z-Trip/ Perfect. An enterprising YouTube user ripped the official live stream of last night’s Frank Ocean performance at Coachella, available in its … read more »

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Soe Sees Spots Clearly For Their Spring Collection

Polka dots are one of our great loves, but it’s oh-so-rare to see them done well. No surprise that Soe gets it right – the Japanese brand does about everything correctly, distilling trends into casual … read more »

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Tent Posts: Bumbershoot, Day 1

Shout out to all the Bumbershoot moms with rat tails and billowy crew neck festival sweatshirts. Shout out to Bumbershoot for having more food options than music stages. And also shout out to Bumbershoot and … read more »

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Dean and Britta and Mercury Rev Played On a Porch at an Antique Store in Phoenicia, NY

Backed by Jonathan Donahue and Grasshopper of Mercury Rev, Dean and Britta played some songs on Mystery Spot Antique’s porch in Phoenicia, NY this past weekend as part of a Music For Front Porches series. … read more »

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Dirty Projectors Cover Dylan Again!

But this time it’s “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine” for Levi’s Pioneer Sessions, a covers project that has already yielded a bracer by way of The Swell Season’s fantastic take on Candi Staton’s “Young … read more »