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Video: Buraka Som Sistema, “Hangover”

Hard to wrap up how funny this Buraka Som Sistema video is—the way when the massive single-syllable chorus drops for the first time, led by a mildly horrifying green-screen image of a kid diving off … read more »

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FEATURE: Tribal Guarachero: Mexican Teens & Aztec History

Erick Rincon is only 16 years old. Level-headed and soft-spoken, the teenager radiates preternatural calm as he and some of his friends fold into a tiny studio in the back of his parents’ Monterrey, Mexico … read more »

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Premiere: J-Wow’s FADER Mix MP3

As ever, we are talking about the fearless Buraka Som Sistema producer/DJ from Lisbon, not the excessively tanned Jerz chica now famous for being a prominent member of the leisure-class-with-a-hurricane-glass. Our J-Wow was here first! … read more »

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Premiere: Buraka Som Sistema’s J-WOW & Toy Selectah, “Mo’chaxo” MP3

In yesterday’s Ghetto Palms column, Eddie Stats had a very interesting conversation with Ghetto Bassquake purveyors Vamanos and Chief Boima about the direction of tropical music—and what “tropical” even means. Said Vamanos: “To me, it’s … read more »

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Ghetto Palms 106: More Mavado / Conceptual Kuduro / Exclusive Interview!

Once more into the breach between ethno and techno y’all. One of the biggest tracks from my last blend in this tempo was Nic Sarno’s “Mana Wasa” which is from Enchufada’s Hard Ass Sessions Vol. … read more »

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Copenhagen Raves: Julianne at Distortion Festival, Day 2

According to “Human Infomail,” the Distortion Festival newsletter, yesterday’s activities in the Nørrebro neighborhood produced a “body count” of nearly 30,000 people, packed in what seemed to be a six block radius. “Body count” is … read more »

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Video Premiere: J-Wow, “O Dedo”

After Buraka Som Sistema dropped their insane hypercolor “Buffalo Stance” oscilloscope, it’s a cool flip to see something a little lower-fidelity from that camp. For his whipping, chirpy club track “O Dedo,” BSS beat-magician J-Wow‘s … read more »

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Video Premiere: Buraka Som Sistema, “Buffalo Stance”

Neneh Cherry’s dancehall-video-referencing, technicolor graffiti for 1988′s “Buffalo Stance” forged the future for everyone from Deee-Lite (whose own groovy videos came a couple years post facto) to MIA (duh). But in this clipped beat cover … read more »

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Premiere: Skerritt Bwoy’s Daggering Instructional Video

This video won’t make it to Saturday morning cartoons anytime soon, but if we had spent our youths waking up to Skerritt Bwoy drill-sergeanting us like he does in Daggering 101, our moms would have … read more »

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Buraka Som Sistema’s BBC Essential Mix MP3

Buraka Som Sistema‘s Essential Mix is like throwing a rave in a rainforest, all humid, eardrum-breaking beats and ridiculous collective energy. The Portuguese ensemble is gifted at making their rhythms sound actually contortionist, kuduro twisting … read more »

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