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Stream: Christopher Owens, “It Comes Back To You”

Former Girls member Christopher Owens just tweeted a link to a new song, his first since last January’s solo debut Lysandre, with a sweet, sincere missive: “Here’s a song from a new album I’ve made … read more »

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Download Christopher Owens’ Acoustic Lysandre LP

Christopher Owens has released a free acoustic version of his first solo album, January’s Lysandre, on his website. He’s also announced a string of summer US tour dates, where he’ll “play songs spanning his entire … read more »

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Video: Christopher Owens, “Here We Go Again”

Former Girls frontman Christopher Owens now has a video for the upbeat “Here We Go Again,” from his solo album Lysandre, directed by Ryan Owen Eddleston. The video is fairly straightforward and recalls some earlier … read more »

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By The Numbers: Christopher Owens’ Lysandre

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits. This week, we tackle Christopher Owens’ solo debut Lysandre, chronicled in Caroline McCloskey’s FADER #83 cover story. … read more »

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Stream: Melted Toys, “Always”

This month, Ex-Girls frontman and FADER cover star Christopher Owens is touring in support of his new solo full-length, Lysandre, and he’s picked fellow San Francisco-based three-piece Melted Toys to join him on a string … read more »

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My sophomore year of college, I took a fiction writing workshop, which meant that each class all the students would evaluate two or three of our peers’ stories. The stories, mine included, were not very … read more »

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Interview: Christopher Owens

The day after Christopher Owens performed in New York City for the first time as a solo artist, he stopped by our office to talk about the experience of coming out on his own. He … read more »

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Footnotes: Christopher Owens

Footnotes is the section in our magazine where we take a deeper look at the music surrounding our feature artists. Read Caroline McCloskey’s FADER #83 cover feature on Christopher Owens, and check out our notes … read more »

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Christopher Owens: Christopher’s Theme

The former Girls frontman sets out on his own. On the morning of July 2, 2012, Christopher Owens rose with the sun. His mind was restless, he had slept poorly and the room at his … read more »

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World Premiere! The FADER #83 Featuring Christopher Owens and Miguel

For the two gentlemen on the cover of our new Now Issue, our annual look at what’s super important in the moment, it’s been a year of rebirth: free from a bad record label deal, … read more »

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