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Infinity Epiphanies

Abdu Ali Shouts Through the Noise on “Infinity Epiphanies”

FADER PREMIERE While Baltimore Club has been thriving for a couple of decades now, recently an influx of rappers have taken the sound of their city to their own music. Abdu Ali is one of … read more »

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FADER Mix: Cities Aviv

The third full-length from Brooklyn via Memphis rapper/producer Gavin Mays, aka Cities Aviv, is out today via Young One Records. It’s called Come to Life, and Mays is calling it “the total idea merging everything … read more »

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Video: Cities Aviv, “Don’t Ever Look Back”

Cities Aviv, aka Brooklyn-via-Memphis rapper/producer Gavin Mays, has a record full of woozy beats and shout-rapped, Aquarian Age aphorisms coming out on January 28th via Young One Records. Here’s a Rimar VillaseƱor-directed clip for Come … read more »

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Stream: Cities Aviv, “URL IRL”

FADER PREMIERE: Gavin Mays’ Cities Aviv project is self-described “total Memphis outsider art,” combining “broken rap,” sample-based production and noisier rock elements (Mays used to play in local hardcore band called COPWATCH ) in a … read more »

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Download Antwon’s In Dark Denim Mixtape

Valentine’s Day is an interesting release date for San Jose rapper Antwon’s latest mixtape, free via Greedhead: In Dark Denim is at once an antidote to the day’s lovey-dovey fare and embrace of people fucking, … read more »

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Video: Antwon, “Still Guarded”

Antwon is the heavyweight Oakland rapper whose videos for “Helicopter” and “Living Every Dream” have made him the most visible of the Bay Area’s communal DIY rap scene. “Still Guarded,” produced by Cities Aviv, is … read more »

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