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Download a Stormy Mix from Darkstar Ahead of Their US Tour

FADER PREMIERE Ahead of their US tour which kicks off at Moogfest at the end of the month, UK trio Darkstar have pulled together 30 minutes of sine waves, stormy signals and some of the … read more »

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FADER Mix: Darkstar

The story of Darkstar is fairly well known by now, a few months after the release of the north England trio’s sophomore album, News From Nowhere: following the bizarrely heartfelt electronics of their debut track, … read more »

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Stream: Darkstar, “A Day’s Pay for a Day’s Work (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)”

FADER PREMIERE: If you haven’t watched the video that Darkstar recently released for News From Nowhere track “A Day’s Pay for a Day’s Work,” I highly recommend it; it’s set in a venue I don’t … read more »

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Stream Darkstar’s Album News From Nowhere

You’ve got to appreciate Darkstar’s sticktoitness. Disabling the click-through capability on their widget is a bold move in these technologically schizophrenic times, but as they see it, you’re not going to give their new album, … read more »

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Video: Darkstar, “A Day’s Pay For A Day’s Work”

On October 13th, Yours Truly traveled down to Darkstar’s studio in Leeds to capture them playing this spacious live rendition of “A Day’s Pay For A Day’s Work,” a previously unheard cut from their forthcoming … read more »

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Darkstar, “Timeaway” MP3

Darkstar’s last record, North, worked so well because it took sterile electronics and wedded them to a kind of achingly pretty warmth that made each song feel like its own tiny universe with its own … read more »

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Darkstar’s FACT Mix MP3

Have you guys checked out Darkstar‘s album North, yet? It’s pretty amazing. A patchwork of low-key electronics intertwined with super sad guitar an oblique vocals. It is totally sincere and connects in a way that … read more »

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Darkstar, “Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer (Kyle Hall Oats b So Good Mix)” MP3

The FADER Internet and FADER Magazine collide in this new remix of Hyperdub band Darkstar, who Scott Wright wrote about recently in his Dollars to Pounds column, and Detroit house wunderkind Kyle Hall, who is … read more »

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Dollars to Pounds: Darkstar

Listening to Hyperdub‘s new retrospective 5 Years Of Hyperdub you’d be forgiven for thinking they’re in the clairvoyance business. A kind of record label Allison DuBois, they have spent the past half decade releasing music … read more »

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