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Video: Drive by Truckers, “Working This Job”

Are you in a good mood? If so, prepare to not be in a good mood after you watch this video, which basically takes losing a decent job, getting a shitty job and then quitting … read more »


Drive-By Truckers Get Real In "Working This Job" Video

If you have ever been one to complain that music videos these days boast no real connection to the song itself, here is your depressing, four-minute retort. Pretty gripping stuff, but if you’ve ever worked … read more »


New Drive-By Truckers = Comfort Food

I was a dope and didn’t post the perspective-proffering “This Fucking Job” when it landed on web shores almost exactly a month ago. But the second (and much lighter) slice of mp3 from their forthcoming … read more »

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We Categorize the 2010 Sasquatch! Lineup So You Don't Have To!

If there’s one thing the Internet is good for (do not say pornography), it’s making judgments on stuff and endlessly categorizing and organizing bands into genres. Oh, and arguing about it— the Internet’s good for … read more »

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Drive by Truckers, “This Fucking Job” MP3

Alright time out. Before we get to the song, can we just talk about that cover art for a second? Done by long-time Drive by Truckers collaborator Wes Freed, it is a monkey in a … read more »

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Equal parts soulful croon and raging bombast, Singlewide makes every song seem like one you’ve sung along to a million times. If they have any say in the matter, Dexateens will have you sing along a million times more. read more »

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Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit

Jason Isbell has been quick to point out that the new self-titled release is a band record, which may account for the eponym. The 400 Unit sounds a lot more cohesive; even more so it sounds relaxed. Isbell co-produced the record with Centro-matic‘s Matt Pence in between road dates. In listening to the eleven tracks, there is no question that this is a Muscle Shoals record. While the debut may have been tainted by the dark days of the A Blessing And A Curse-era Drive By Truckers, The 400 Unit finds Isbell rejuvenated and eager to move on. read more »

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Trucker Love

The Drive-By Truckers are in LA for a show at the El Rey this Friday, April 8th – but before they handle that, they dipped into Amoeba on Sunset for a brief (by their standards) … read more »

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