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Why Did Lana Del Rey Make a 30-Minute Video About God, and What Does It Mean for Me?

Celebrity Gods, Strippers and Guns, and the Poems of Walt Whitman For some reason I didn’t care at first, but I’ve become a late, song-on-repeat-for-an-hour Lana Del Rey fan. “Young and Beautiful” is my favorite … read more »

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Elvis Costello Crashes Other Elvis' Birthday

So, Elvis Costello is releasing the second installment of his live archival album series, Live At Hollywood High, next Tuesday. This is not surprising news, as he announced the series toward the end of last … read more »

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Elvis' Hair For Sale In Chicago Auction

A Big Hunk O’ Hair read more »

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The Brief Story of Elvis Presley's Grandson and Major Label Bucks

Elvis is hot. read more »

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Tupac Lives! Or At Least, TMZ Says So

Living on that conspiracy island with Biggie and Elvis for the past thirteen years must have finally gotten to Tupac Shakur, or at least that’s what TMZ would have us believe. According to the celebrity gossip/paparazzi Website, the “allegedly” dead rapper has come out of hiding and they found him in a bar in New Orleans this past weekend, and of course they have the pictures to “prove it.” read more »

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A Great And Unsought Honor: The 75 Most Played Songs In Britain Over The Last 75 Years

Because this is the type of vital information without which our lives could not continue, the British music licensing board announced Monday that Procul Harem’s “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” is the most-played song in public places in Britain over the last 75 years. read more »

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