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marijuana deathsquads

Video: Marijuana Deathsquads, “Crazy Master”

The Gayngs crew gets weirder. Marijuana Deathsquads, another project of Gayngs’ founder Ryan Olson, takes collaborative spirit and dips it in formaldehyde (obviously he smokes it after that). In addition to Olson, Deathsquads features Isaac … read more »

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Polica, “Dark Star” MP3

Gayngs was a surprise. Prince-loving indie supergroup who turned out to be legitimately funky? Who woulda thought. Polica furthers the group’s lineage with more shit that just hits real smooth. Gayngs’ Ryan Olson and singer … read more »

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Pantha Du Prince, Salem and Games Remix Songs from Blonde Redhead’s Penny Sparkle

New York’s Blonde Redhead just released a bundle of otherworldly remixes from their 2010 Penny Sparkle, courtesy of bands like Games (RIP that name), Pantha Du Prince and Salem, whom all put a unique spin … read more »

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Tent Posts: Austin City Limits, Day 3

Day three began just as lightheartedly and nonchalantly as the days before. There must be something in the water here in Austin (or maybe it’s the Budweiser), because you guys are just a little too … read more »

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Picture 8

Video: Gayngs + Glasser Play Live for Some Minneapolis Media Conglomerate

First we were like, what is that some big ass weed?! IT’S THE GAYNGS LOGO, FIRE IT UP! You guys are performing live on the Minneapolis Online TV Network, eh? Who is that singing in … read more »

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Video: Gayngs, “The Gaudy Side of Town”

This totally could have been a disaster: a bunch of white dudes get on stage to unironically pay tribute to the kind of hyper-sleazy r&b that warrants sweaty sax solos and neon-blue sport jackets to … read more »

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We Shouldn't Have Missed Gayngs' Last Prom on Earth

But we did. Because we’re dopes and had to work. Not just a song from their debut LP, the “Last Prom on Earth” party marked Gayngs’ very first live performance together, a show the soft … read more »


Live: Gayngs’ First Show, The Last Prom on Earth

On Friday night, I saw some of the best minds (or at least bodies) of my generation wrapped in ironic pink cummerbunds and turquoise taffeta, crushed underneath the symbolic weight of a balloon arch, and … read more »

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Video: Gayngs – "Cry"

For their cover of Godley and Creme’s “Cry”, Gayngs paid visual homage to the soft rock duo’s original video with one of their own. In addition to just about everyone in the Gayngs orbit, the … read more »

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Video: Gayngs, “Cry” (Godley & Creme Cover)

99% of the internet is too young to remember when the original video for this song came out, but that shit was GROUNDBREAKING. It was like the Piracy Funds Terrorism of British faces and singlehandedly … read more »