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Watch a Muppet Go about His Day to a New Song from Gobby

FADER PREMIERE When you’re a kid, the whole of existence seems to be divided into two states: watching Sesame Street and waiting for Sesame Street to come on. I’m pretty sure that everything I know … read more »

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Gobby Releases Creepy, Puppet-Themed Video for “Red Seal”

FADER PREMIERE This Gobby video for “Red Seal,” co-directed by artist Nic Buffon, traces a narrative of home invasions, disgusting bathrooms, and moonlit city streets, only the action is performed by some pretty ghastly-looking, painted … read more »

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Stream: SETH, “Cat in the Limo”

FADER PREMIERE “Cat in the Limo,” the second track from Gobby and James K’s new duo, SETH, sounds like a normal pop song for 1.5 seconds. The garbled bass thing that happens after that, and … read more »

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Stream: Dan Bodan, “Anonymous (Gobby Remix)”

The original version of Berlin-based Dan Bodan’s track on DFA, “Anonymous,” is a haunting, beautiful mediation on loneliness. But now, in a remix for an upcoming EP of reworks called Anonymous (The UNO Remixes), Brooklyn … read more »

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Stream Gobby’s Debut Album, Fashion Lady

There’s something pretty gangster about adorning the front cover of your debut album with a slightly lopsided, cartoon drawing on a crumpled piece of paper—especially when the subject is something so inexplicably funny as the … read more »

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FADER Mix: Gobby

The music of Brooklyn artist and DJ Gobby is hard to grasp—his most recent free LP for UNO is all over the map, dejected and noisy for one second then happy go lucky as a … read more »

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Download Gobby’s Rope Boyz Highland Mix

Hands down the coolest presentation at New York Fashion Week this year was a den with reclinable chairs, lava lamps and models smoking weed and eating munchies, which is how Highland chose to show off … read more »

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Behind The Scenes: Highland’s First New York Fashion Week Show

If the New York Fashion Week parade of six-foot tall models and high heels can often feel too intimidating to relate to, Lizzie Owens of Highland makes fashion for the rest of us. Her collections … read more »

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Gobby, “Krylon Surf Magix” MP3

Listening to Gobby is like taking a trip through all music ever, condensed into a (in this case) six-and-a-half minute glob of rusty synths and hyperactive drumwork. The roughshod cut-and-paste aspect of the track might … read more »

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By The Numbers: Mykki Blanco’s Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss Mixtape

In By The Numbers, FADER looks at a big record release and breaks it down in basic digits. This week, we tackle Mykki Blanco‘s shapeshifting debut mixtape, Cosmic Angel: The Illuminati Prince/ss Mixtape, which you … read more »

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