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Download Kelela’s Debut Mixtape, Cut 4 Me

This morning, Kelela released her debut mixtape, Cut 4 Me, a collaboration with Kingdom, Girl Unit, Jam City and other producers from the Fade To Mind/Night Slugs contingent. Stream the tape below in its 13-track … read more »

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Stream: Kelela, “Keep It Cool” (Prod. by Jam City)

Just a few days out from the October 1st release of her Cut 4 Me debut, Los Angeles singer Kelela leaked another track on Rookie this morning, starring some snaky synth motifs courtesy of Night … read more »

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Stream: Jam City f. Main Attrakionz, “The Nite Life”

South London dance producer Jam City and Oakland’s greatest stoned experimental rap duo ever, Main Attrakionz, both get major forward-thinking points for their collaboration, “The Nite Life.” It’s a great song—Main Attrakionz’ sluggish purple tag-team … read more »

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Walton’s FADER Mix MP3

The first ten minutes of Walton‘s FADER mix pass by in a state of relative (UK) funky calm. It’s deftly blended bass work, but the early tones are somewhere near pleasant, nothing hugely jolting. Then … read more »

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Jam City’s Mix for Disko404

Jam City, producer (or, re-editor) of one of the ultimate dance jams ever with his re-work of Endgames, “Ecstasy,” turns in an acid house inspired mix for Disko404. The Marcellus Pittman track is deep! Check … read more »

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Stream: Becoming Real, “Closer (Jam City Remix)”

Becoming Real‘s ultra cold (in a good way) “Closer” gets a Jam City (best name) treatment that cuts out the vocal sample from the original and turns the whole thing into an even more robotic … read more »

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Stream: Endgames, “Ecstacy (Jam City Refix)”

If you’ve ever been to a block party where the DJ is playing nothing but late 70s/early 80s funk and thought to yourself, hey this is incredible especially because there are a bunch of old … read more »

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