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Stream: Young Juve f. Sage the Gemini and Juvenile, “Bitch I’m Rich”

Sage the Gemini, the Fairfield, CA rapper and producer who earned 50 million views and a major label deal for songs made in his bedroom this year, will release his debut LP with Republic in … read more »

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Video: Juvenile f. Rick Ross, “Power”

Watching the evolution of the physical presence of Juvenile from the “Ha” video to today is like watching the evolution of his music; the scenery’s changed and so have his clothes, but the gold grill … read more »

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Juvenile f. Rick Ross, “Power” (Prod. By Mannie Fresh) MP3

Juvenile and the great man Mannie Fresh reunite once again. It’s an oddly muted affair, maybe not a lead single but a strong album cut. Mannie’s playing in the same floaty ethereal space that Drake … read more »

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Video: Mystikal, Mannie Fresh and Juvenile In-Studio Cypher

“I ain’t had a cypher in a hundred thousand years! Niggas act like they don’t like rapping anymore!” Thanks to the BET Awards, rap cyphers are back in style. At least for a few days. … read more »

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Juvenile f. Rich Boy, “Stop Traffic” MP3

While “Stop Traffic” may not quite be vintage Juve, he’s still sounding fresher than he has in some time. Alabaman Rich Boy holds his weight too, as he slides from his usual growl into a … read more »

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Interview: Maurice Slade of NYC’s Grits & Biscuits Party

This Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of the Grits & Biscuits party, a Brooklyn-based oasis for Dirty South transplants. The party was conceived by brothers Alzo and Maurice Slade and Erika Lewis, collectively known as … read more »

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Nicki Not The First Femcee: Rest In Power Magnolia Shorty

Early Monday morning 28 year-old New Orleans rapper Magnolia Shorty, born Renetta Lowe, was shot multiple times. She was found by police on the city’s east side alongside a man, inside of a crashed car. … read more »

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Video: Juvenile, “Back Back”

It’s a pity that we don’t hear from Juvenile very much these days. He’s got one of those voices that will sound good until the world explodes and all that’s left is his gutteral croak, … read more »

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