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Family Tree: Six Degrees of Grimes

Grimes lives out of a suitcase most days of the year, but being one of the most talked-about artists in music also makes you a full-time ambassador for your home town. Across musical collaborations with … read more »

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Download Arbutus’ Sean Savage Covers Compilation

The extended Canadian family surrounding weird Montreal music hub Arbutus Records come together on this album-length tribute to Sean Nicholas Savage, the man behind defunct, proto-Tops rock band Silly Kissers and also a prolific recording … read more »

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FADER Mix: Majical Cloudz

Majical Cloudz’ Devon Welsh didn’t seem very eager to talk about influences when we met up to chat on a chilly park bench in Williamsburg this past December. He didn’t seem too keen on discuss … read more »

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21 Musicians, Tastemakers and Other Weirdos Pick Their Favorite Music of 2012

Though the FADER does not empirically rank our favorite releases, the year-end battle between album heavyweights rages in our brains like everyone else’s. But we’re talkers, prone to changing our mind and always searching for … read more »

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Video: Majical Cloudz (f. Grimes) “Dream World”

This Alice Cohen-directed video for Majical Cloudz (f. Grimes) “Dream World” is a little Realms of the Unreal. But instead of using Darger source material we’ve got a montage of girliness. Collaged cut outs of … read more »

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Majical Cloudz f. Grimes “Dream World” MP3

Grimes lends a litany of seraphic coos on fellow Canadian with a really rough stage name Majical Cloudz’ “Dream World.” It seems Grimes’ and Majical Cloudz’s heaven is a firmament of ’80s/early ’90s nostalgia pop. … read more »

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