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Listen to Palmistry’s Breathy New Dancehall Single, “Protector SE5″

UPDATE: In keeping with the futuristic biker aesthetic of the album art (above), Palmistry just unveiled the below, vapor-laden clip for the track, directed by Benjy Keating himself with help from Daniel Swan. You gimme … read more »

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Sleepyhead, “Hit Em” MP3

Mixpak, the electronic label headed by Brooklyn producer Dre Skull, is launching an instrumental series devoted to the beat an its endless niches and sub-genres. Mixpak Pressure Volume One, out today, turns a spotlight on … read more »

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Download Jubilee’s FADER Mix

Jessica Gentile, the bass enthusiast and prolific Brooklyn DJ bka Jubilee, has whipped up a mix as explosive as the firework-generating X-Men character from which she takes her name. Here we have 43 minutes of … read more »

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Lloyd, “Lay it Down (Dubbel Dutch Remix)” MP3

Polow da Don’s production on Lloyd’s 2010 bedroom/radio monster “Lay it Down” is low-key, like a nice flannel pajama set. Here, Dubbel Dutch lifts Lloyd’s complex harmonies and pillow-talk coos off that soft mattress, chops … read more »

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Stream: Lil Scrappy, “Look At Me” MP3

Several things are remarkable about this track but we’ll start with the visuals: cover art by Pen & Pixel!! Blingee (and MIA) should totally be paying Pen & Pixel royalties. Actually the entire world should, … read more »

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Premiere Stream: Melé’s Bombay EP

Melé‘s the latest in a series of young production prodigies to emerge from the UK—just 18 with five years of beatmaking under his belt, he’s already been touted by Toddla T on 1xtra and signed … read more »

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