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Video: Just Blaze and Baauer f. Jay Z, “Higher”

Yesterday, FADER and director Nabil gave you a behind the scenes peek at Just Blaze, Baauer and Jay Z’s “Higher” video, which stars adult warriors and kid apprentices and was filmed in the state of … read more »

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Behind the Scenes of Just Blaze and Baauer f. Jay Z’s “Higher” Video

On set with Nabil in Southwest India Tomorrow on Vice’s Thump channel, Just Blaze and Baauer will officially release “Higher,” a collaboration that features Jay Z and was first heard back in January. It’s the … read more »

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Video: James Blake, “Overgrown”

A conga line of cloaked, sinister creatures chases James Blake to the ocean’s edge in the video for “Overgrown,” taken from his new LP of the same name, out now. NABIL, best known for his … read more »

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Video: Frank Ocean, “Pyramids”

On the heels of his SNL appearance, here’s Frank Ocean‘s video for Channel Orange standout, “Pyramids.” Directed by Nabil, who also worked with Ocean on “Swim Good” and “Novacane,” the video features an epic ride … read more »

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Video: Estelle, “Freak”

Beyond the music being hot garbage, the less-obvious downside to the culture’s fascination with Gaga is that now every chick on the planet thinks she needs to suddenly act like a weirdo, shave her head, … read more »

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Video: Kanye West, "Coldest Winter"

Kanye is not in this video, but the essence of his heartbreak is: this is a fairly macabre fairy tale put to screen, a pretty straightforward interpretation of love lost. Also: cool effects! Nabil is … read more »

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