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Download Nadastrom’s Mix for Mad Decent Block Party

Nadastrom—the long-running, Moombahton-inventing DJ and production duo of Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom—will be performing at the touring, PUMA-sponsored Mad Decent Block Party’s stopover in Dallas on August 31st. (The next Block Party, without them, … read more »

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Mad Decent Block Party: Nadastrom In Chicago

This summer, the Mad Decent Block Party presented by Puma hit the road, stopping in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and LA. We followed them and in each city spent the day with one of the … read more »

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Live: Mad Decent Block Party in Chicago

The weather on Saturday for the Mad Decent block party couldn’t have been nicer, but unfortunately, it was cut short. A few clouds dotted a sunny sky while opening DJ and local club stalwart Zebo … read more »

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very best

The Very Best, “Yoshua Alikuti” (Nadastrom Remix) MP3

Check out Nadastrom’s propulsive remix of “Yoshua Alikuti,” a track from The Very Best’s upcoming album MTMTMK. The remix takes the original a step back, looping and manipulating Esau Mwamwaya’s vocals to render them a … read more »

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Ibiza Dreaming: Moombahton Massive’s EP III

Not everybody dreams of Austin, some set their eyes out east: big Ibiza. Never been, probably never going to, but it’s fun to imagine. We’d probably look a little tanner, beach bods a little fitter. … read more »

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Alex Clare, “TooClose (Nadastrom Remix)” MP3

The Alex Clare producer streak goes on, following previous collaborations with Diplo, Switch and Sbtrkt. His smoky voice doesn’t instantly scream “moombahton,” but by the triumphant final bars, as Nadastrom chop and pitch around his … read more »

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Premiere Stream: Melé’s Bombay EP

Melé‘s the latest in a series of young production prodigies to emerge from the UK—just 18 with five years of beatmaking under his belt, he’s already been touted by Toddla T on 1xtra and signed … read more »

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Premiere: Pase Rock, “Nights” MP3

Pase Rock‘s latest electro club twerker delves into the subconscious mines of weekend debauchery on this track, implying that his lyric one of them nights you feel like getting down is in fact every night, … read more »

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