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Pictureplane’s Back and He’s More Rave Than Ever

When we last heard from rave-echo channelling producer Pictureplane, he was still based in his beloved city of Denver. Fast forward a couple of years and Travis Egedy—Pictureplane’s alter-ego—is now living in NYC and splits … read more »

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Stream: Arca, “Self Defense”

Arca‘s “Self Defense” hails from the New York producer’s Stretch 2 EP, out August 6th via UNO. The bouncy track’s got a scribbling zap to it like a paranoid tadpole freaking out under a spotlight. … read more »

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HEALTH, “Goth Star” (Pictureplane Cover) MP3

It’s Labor Day weekend, a holiday that, since I’ve been back on the East Coast, makes me really miss California. There, Labor Day just marks another long weekend in the interminable stretch of pleasant days. … read more »

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Pictureplane’s Thee Negative Slave Mixtape

Seems like we’re finally turning the corner on a season of too much indoor time. As always, Denver dark waver Pictureplane’s got our back with a mix of “pure next level high energy alien fire … read more »

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Pictureplane’s Mishka Keep Watch Vol. XXII Mix MP3

Denver dark waver Pictureplane, aka Travis Egedy, cooks up another goth/house concoction in this 42-minute mix for Mishka’s Keep Watch Series. Dude starts things off real slow and sludgy with a crawl-pace Chris & Cosey … read more »

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Pictureplane and Laurel Halo Swagged Out FADER Bowl

Red flashing lights and golden clothing, a lot of synthesizers and hair, for real grooves and a big ass ceiling fan. Laurel Halo, who we recently saw perform wearing that Juicy J skull shirt from … read more »

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FADER Bowl with Pictureplane and Laurel Halo This Tuesday

Bowlers and beer drinkers and other people, we have another excellent FADER Bowl for you this month with Denver’s finest Pictureplane and Michigan native Laurel Halo bringing their woozy melodics together for the first time … read more »


Video: Pictureplane, “True Ruin”

Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane gets his illuminati on for “True Ruin,” with a little help from the kaleidoscope eye of director Kate Moross: cryptic-looking symbols flash atop a Jell-O backdrop, like dude is totally Manchurian … read more »

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Lil B, “Real Life (Pictureplane’s True Reality Re-Edit)” MP3

With the release of Lil B‘s treatise on “The Age of Information” (and the best ad-lib of all time, “everything is now… on the internet”), he’s possibly the most relevant and complex cultural commentator out, … read more »

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Pictureplane’s MTYMX Rhinoceropolis Hype Package & Rainbow Arabia RMX MP3s

NYC show godhead Todd P’s throwing MTYMX this week, a three-day festival/fun explosion in Monterrey, Mexico, but the NYC show stalwart got some help with the lineup from Rhinoceropolis, an awesome DIY warehouse/show spot in … read more »

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