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2012 Mad Decent Block Party

Live: Mad Decent Block Party in Philadelphia

The fifth annual Mad Decent Block Party presented by Puma took over the Delaware river waterfront in the label’s hometown of Philadelphia on Saturday. Fans crowded the stage and surrounding concrete labyrinth for the free, … read more »

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Diplowatch 2012 #2: Diplo and Usher’s Valentine’s “Climax”

Diplo teams with Usher on “Climax,” which is too dirty for Justin Bieber to sing. It is basically a trance song, but with a delicate, tiny beat. Usher, absolutely the man you want to hear … read more »

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Video: Po Po, “Teen Dreamz/Let’s Get Away”

When Po Po first showed up on the Mad Decent roster, it was a serious WTF moment. It seemed kinda weird that Diplo felt the need to sign a bunch of lanky lo-fi scuzz rockers … read more »

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Po Po, “Final Fight” MP3

Former FADER cover stars Po Po, once a band of brothers—literally, a trio of Maliks—is now an army of one. Zeb, who is now the sole Po Po, in addition to being extremely tall, knows … read more »

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POPO, “Let’s Get Away” MP3

POPO bros get deep emo on this one, furthering the distance from the thrash that endeared them to us so many years ago. Well one year ago, but whatever, time flies. They are still on … read more »

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Video: PO PO, “SikSikSik”

As if we needed another reason to question our accomplishments thus far in life, a 16-year-old totally just pwnd us. David “Scattle” Scatliffe teamed up with the bros in PO PO to create this super … read more »

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Sunny Ali & the Kid, Try Harder EP

When Hassan Malik left his post in POPO, we never imagined he’d re-emerge as the singer-guitarist in a ramshackle country-punk duo, but it was a good move: dude’s mushmouthed anthems sound like the perfect sweaty … read more »

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NYC: FADER Bowl with DOM and Popo

Some of us have yet to see DOM‘s brand of twisted pop, but all reports say that Dom is a rockstar and shit is kinda bananas. We are advocates of mayhem, so we invited the … read more »

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Male Bonding's Video For "Year's Not Long" All About Male Bonding

Above you’ll see members of Po Po and Abe Vigoda bond with the guys in Male Bonding, one of which is a stand-in. Watch the video twice and notice how differently the first half plays … read more »

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Video: Lil B, “Real Plexxx”

“Real Plexxx” contains the line I don’t wanna see the pigs/ I don’t fuck with popo. Rather than the popo, we immediately thought of Popo, the band/former FADER cover stars, which is not weird because … read more »

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