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Video: Pure X, “Heaven”

There’s a feeling that is indigenous to summertime backyards at dusk, after barbecues or picnics, when the only remnants of the day are exhaustion and a stickiness from fruit juices and sweat. Pure X‘s video … read more »

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Stream Pure X’s Angel LP

I’ve been going on about the new Pure X record, Angel, to an almost embarrassing degree, and today it’s streaming in its entirety over at SPIN, so I guess can finally stop gushing. The sound … read more »

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Stream: Pure X, “Heaven”

The Austinites in Pure X spent the writing process for 2013’s Crawling Up The Stairs climbing their way out of a murky hell of interpersonal entanglements and grievous bodily harm, and the resulting record reflected … read more »

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Pure X Tease New LP with “Starlight”

A couple days ago, Pure X shared a Malcolm Elijah-directed video for “I Fear What I Feel,” a track from their 2013 LP, Crawling Up the Stairs. Today, out of the blue, they just shared … read more »

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Video: Pure X, “I Fear What I Feel”

Malcolm Elijah is the Austin-based director behind the narrative short film Pure X released for “Thousand Year Old Child,” one of our favorite music videos from last year. Here’s a clip he shot for another … read more »

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Videos of the Year: What the 2013 MTV VMAs Got Right and FADER’s Underdog Picks

This Sunday, FADER will attend MTV’s VMAs. After a stint in LA, the ceremony’s returning to New York this year, with YouTube’s brightest converging on Brooklyn’s hulking Barclays Center. We’re legitimately thrilled to go—with no … read more »

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Video: Pure X, “Thousand Year Old Child”

Austin’s Pure X just released these Malcolm Elijah-directed visuals for “Thousand Year Old Child,” a track from their very soulful new LP. This one’s a deftly edited, black-and-white short film; true to the song’s title, … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: An Exclusive Download from Pure X’s Rubber Tracks Performance

Austin’s Pure X doesn’t spend much time in New York outside of touring so the band understands the importance of leaving a good impression on a Big Apple audience. The real hard part though, making … read more »


Brooklyn Bound: Pure X Live at Converse Rubber Tracks

Pure X‘s Crawling Up The Stairs dropped less than a month ago and in the time since the band has been zig-zagging across the country, spreading the C.U.T.S. gospel, powered, as we learned recently, by … read more »

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Brooklyn Bound: Interview with Pure X

When we spoke with Pure X at the Williamsburg location of Juice Press, the band told us that they bring a juicer with them every time they go on tour. If you’re wondering (like I … read more »

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