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Rick Rubin Talks Kanye West, Ed Sheeran and More in Hour-Long Interview with Zane Lowe

After an initial release via the BBC in the UK, Zane Lowe’s hour-long conversation with iconic record producer and former FADER cover star Rick Rubin is now available to watch in full. The two sit … read more »

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Kanye and Kim’s Wedding as Told through the Photo Booth

From the looks of the photo booth pictures, Kimye’s wedding seemed to live up to its hype as the #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTWEDDING with all of Kanye’s collaborator friends there to celebrate with him. In attendance was Common, … read more »

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Kanye West and Rick Rubin Accept Award With “Disruptive” Art Film

The Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Awards, part of the Tribeca Film Festival, honored Kanye West and Rick Rubin for their groundbreaking use of the Roland TR-808 drum machine throughout their careers. Rubin, of course, immortalized the … read more »

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The Next Kanye West Album Will Be Produced by Q-Tip and Rick Rubin, Says Q-Tip

“I’m producing Kanye’s new album with Rick Rubin…That’s coming up,” Q-Tip told Elliott Wilson in a newly released interview filmed last month at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, where A Tribe Called Quest opened for West. (Q-Tip … read more »

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Watch Eminem’s Zane Lowe Interview

Eminem’s four-part interview with Zane Lowe began airing on BBC last night. Below, watch its four installments, in which Em talks about sobriety, Rick Rubin, the making of his new album and threatens to pee … read more »

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Video: Eminem, “Berzerk”

Eminem is bleach-blond again and championing straight hip-hop with new single, “Berzerk.” Rick Rubin produced the track and appears (along with Kid Rock and Kendrick Lamar) in its throwback video, which sweetly borrows the photo … read more »

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Jay-Z Announces New Album, Magna Carta Holy Grail

During the NBA Finals, Jay-Z announced, via a commercial for himself and Samsung Galaxy, that his new record, Magna Carta Holy Grail, is coming. As the Wall Street Journal points out, Samsung already purchased 1 … read more »

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Beat Construction: Harry Fraud

Champagne, blunts and patience. With droopy eyes and floppy, shoulder-length hair, Harry Fraud resembles a pound puppy, though he insists he’s not a softie: “I’m a fucking kid from Brooklyn that’ll fuck you up just … read more »

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Stream: Justice, “On’n'on (Rick Rubin Remix)”

The official title of this remix is “On’n’on (Ruined by Rick Rubin),” harking back to the 1991 CD he produced for Queen, “We Will Rock You (Ruined by Rick Rubin).” It’s a fitting historical side … read more »

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Rick Rubin: The Intuitionist

FADER #23, AUGUST 2004: He produces bands he likes with broad gestures and micromanages his daily life with prayer beads and a two-way. This is Rick Rubin, Inc. “I can remember driving into Malibu one … read more »

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