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Small Black Announce Limits of Desire LP, Stream “Free at Dawn”

From the cover art photo by Scarlett Hooft Graafland, you can tell Small Black’s sophomore LP, Limits of Desire, will be a little more stripped-down than the four-piece’s past, layered-and-compressed hypnagogic pop. It’s nude, but … read more »

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Small Black’s Moon Killer Mixtape

Rich off a mixtape/ got rich off a miiixtaaape: On this holy day of number ones, 11/11/11, Brooklyn’s Small Black have released their free Moon Killer mixtape. Alternately suited to deep couch relaxation and tossing … read more »

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Small Black f. Heems, “Two Rivers” MP3

This year, Long Island synth wizards Small Black toured with Cults. They met Heems of Das Racist on the road, at a shitty bar in New Orleans. Back in New York over the summer, the … read more »

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The Tripwire Podcast 063

Stream: The Tripwire Podcast 063 Download an enhanced version with album art, links, and chapters, here. Full track information after the jump!

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Small Black, “Goons,” “Photojournalist” and “Camouflage”

A few afternoons ago, we had the pleasure of hanging out with the gentlemen of Small Black in their living room in Brooklyn. We came over mostly to talk about baseball and ogle at their … read more »

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Stream Small Black’s Album New Chain

Looking through the archives of Small Black posts on our site, we’ve noticed we spend a fair amount of time telling you what Small Black are not. Mostly in relation to chillwave, which we’re still … read more »

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Small Black, “Search Party” MP3

This came out on Friday, but we honestly weren’t sure what to say about it at the time. It’s another Small Black song! It’s good! The album is good! You know the drill. The common … read more »

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Listen: Small Black, "Photojournalist"

Small Black fans, it is officially your Christmas season. With debut LP New Chain set to drop October 26th on Jagjaguwar, the Brooklyn troupe is launching an all-out attack on the Internets, boldly announcing a … read more »


Small Black, “Photojournalist” MP3

The general idea—and at this point it is a pretty predictable thing—is that bands release an EP. Usually it’ll have a lot of heart but will survive on ideas instead of actual song execution. Some … read more »

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Psychobuildings Stopped By Viva Radio

As young bands have been wont to do. Brooklyn’s Psychobuildings, an electro throwback trio that includes Small Black’s Juan Pieczanski, rolled through Viva Radio’s Brooklyn studio for an interview and performance not too long ago. … read more »