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Video: Boardwalk, “I’m to Blame”

On Stones Throw’s website there is a company history written by founder Peanut Butter Wolf, in which he says, referring to the act of running the label: “Is it challenging? Of course… Is it fulfilling? … read more »

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Stream: Krista, “Space Tom Test”

Krista is a new collaboration by James Pants (production) and Vex Ruffin (guitar and vocals), executive produced by Peanut Butter Wolf, named after a possibly imaginary woman. They say, “Krista is a sophomore in college … read more »

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Video: Jonti, “Saturday Night”

Jonti’s “Saturday Night”—formerly a rough and spare track called “Saturday Night Songs,” backed by a single ukulele, and now fully-fleshed and polished thanks to a re-recording with Stones Throw label head Peanut Butter Wolf—is an … read more »

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At Home With: Veronica Vasicka

Veronica Vasicka founded the labels Minimal Wave and Cititrax as a way to re-issue—and often release for the first time—the cold and dark brand of homemade, analog synth-based electronic New Wave from the late ’70s … read more »

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Homeboy Sandman, “New York Nights” MP3

“New York Nights” is the first release from Homeboy Sandman since the rapper joined Stones Throw’s roster. As the title suggests, it’s a heavy nod to the city that raised him. DFM’s production combines a … read more »

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M.E.D. f. Hodgy Beats, “Outta Control” (Prod. by Madlib) MP3

M.E.D.’s new Stones Throw release Classic, produced almost entirely by Madlib, turned up on our desks last week. We squinted and tried to remember how we recognized him, think probably from the verse he got … read more »

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Video: J Dilla “Lightworks”

James McMillan’s video for J Dilla’s “Lightworks” (part of the Stones Throw 15th anniversary video contest) plays on the song’s saccharine sample of a ’50s-style commercial spot with its mid-century-style animation that seems sorta kid … read more »

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Video: J Dilla, “Last Donut of the Night”

Five years after its original release, J Dilla‘s final LP Donuts gets its first label-approved video. This clip for album highlight “Last Donut of the Night” is a handpicked entry from Stones Throw’s Video Contest, … read more »

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Interview: Anika

We wrote about recent Stones Throw signee Anika in FADER 71. Her self-titled debut is a trashy, political, dub experiment that re-imagines tracks from Yoko Ono, the Pretenders and Dylan. We sat down with the … read more »

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James Pants, “Darlin’” MP3

If you do a search for James Pants on this site, the wrap-up of Odd Future’s New York show on Monday comes up even though “James Pants” does not appear in the post, which is … read more »

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