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Staff Selects Playlist: Before and After Loveless

Every week, a different FADER editor compiles a playlist to highlight a new release and give you a guide to that artist’s web of influences and peers. These Staff Selects live in our Spotify app, … read more »

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Video: Tamaryn, “The Garden”

Part of Tamaryn’s appeal has been the way that she’s developed her music to feel like it owes plenty to shoegaze bands of the past, while also carving out its own space in that lineage. … read more »

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Download Tamaryn’s Fader Mix

It’s been two years since Tamaryn released her coruscating, shoegaze debut album The Waves, a collaborative project with longtime friend and San Francisco-based musician Rex John Shelverton. In the time between records, the duo learned … read more »

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Stream: Tamaryn, “I’m Gone”

San Francisco’s great shoegaze duo Tamaryn returned today with “I’m Gone,” paring with the oppressive humidity in a devastating tandem to make your heart beat slow and your stomach feel hollow. I’m going/ In shards … read more »

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Ford & Lopatin, Tamaryn and Shannon Funchess Collaborate For Mex100

There are snakes infecting the union. And when Light Asylum’s Shannon Funchess says this, it gives this sentiment an even greater sense of urgency. You can’t be complacent listening to her sing anything, she emotes … read more »

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Video: Les Demoniaques “Teenage Lust” (Jesus & Mary Chain Cover)

This potentially NSFW teaser from Les Demoniaques, a project between Dee Dee Penny (Dum Dum Girls) and Tamaryn, features the object of much teenage infatuation: The Jesus & Mary Chain. Les Demoniaques is ensuring that … read more »

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Interview With Tamaryn

Listening to Tamaryn feels kind of like a prolonged moment of that feeling you get just before going under surgical anesthesia. You feel totally worry-free and have minimal needs, just count down from ten and … read more »

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Video: Tamaryn, “Dawning”

Tamaryn is making straightforward shoegaze—which is actually a rarity in 2010. For all the bands floating around that are obsessed with layered guitar effects and Loveless, no one is really taking the blueprint and nestling … read more »

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CMJourneyz: FADER Interns Bust Feet, Don’t Meet Kanye

The end of CMJ is sad if only because we can’t make our interns digitally talk to each other about the shows we made the go to. Ok, they picked what shows they wanted to … read more »

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Tamaryn, “Love Fade” MP3

Tamaryn specializes in the kind of crushing pop songs that you want to hear when all is lost. That is a dying art in these days when a lot of music aims to fit mood … read more »

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