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Stream: Evan Ønly, “From The Stone”

FADER PREMIERE Under the alias Evan Ønly, New York songwriter Evan Brody is making music that’s decidedly more streamlined than the ramshackle guitar pop of his old band, Family Portrait. “From The Stone” is an … read more »

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Video: Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, “Step Right Up”

FADER PREMIERE This past summer, Real Estate bassist Alex Bleeker and his band of Freaks (which has included members of Mountain Man, Woods, and Big Troubles) released How Far Away, a record full of hummable … read more »

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Live at Grand Street Bakery: Julian Lynch

On a recent stopover in New York, Julian Lynch came through Grand Street Bakery to try on a few hats and play tracks from his new album, Lines, out March 26th on Underwater Peoples. Watch … read more »

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Stream: Melted Toys, “Always”

This month, Ex-Girls frontman and FADER cover star Christopher Owens is touring in support of his new solo full-length, Lysandre, and he’s picked fellow San Francisco-based three-piece Melted Toys to join him on a string … read more »

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Stream King Cyst’s Album Real Pussy

King Cyst is what happens when the rough makings of an instrumental Doors tribute band meet the lyrical drift of Luka Usmiani (of Big Troubles) and improv sax. The result is refreshingly varied psychpop that … read more »

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Stream: Twerps, “He’s In Stock”

“He’s In Stock,” the latest from Aussie rockers Twerps, is a bolt of bittersweet wails and whines. Set over measured arpeggios and an elated tempo suited for sitting in the back of your Volkswagen van … read more »

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Video: La Big Vic, “Everybody Needs Jah (FAO Dub)”

La Big Vic’s lead guitarist and supposed former J-Pop boy band star, Toshio Masuda, has reworked the band’s 2011 debut, Actually, creating a new, even more spaced-out work entitled Dub the World! Actually Revisited. “FAO” … read more »

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Liam The Younger, “Cooking” MP3

Underwater Peoples and A Learning Computer will be releasing remastered versions of Liam The Younger’s After the Graveyard and Clear Skies Over Black River early next year. “Cooking” (off Clear Skies) is the first single … read more »

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Family Portrait, “Dark Roast” MP3

Family Portrait is a band mostly made up of the dudes that run Underwater Peoples, a record label that sits at the center of New Jersey’s recent rock explosion. They’re responsible for some of the … read more »

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Twerps, “This Guy” MP3

“This Guy,” the first and most easy-riding track from Twerps’ forthcoming self-titled LP, could really be a song about anyone. But since it’s the only album track that lady guitarist Julia MacFarlane carries the vocals … read more »

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