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Weezer Goes Old School For State Farm

It’s no real secret that Rivers Cuomo and co. are no longer in their ’90s wonder years of torn sweaters and giving awkward nerd-types hope of someday blossoming into rock stars. If you’ve been following … read more »

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Sad Rivers Cuomo is the New Keyboard Cat

This morning Stereogum brought us news that Weezer scion Rivers Cuomo has covered The Beach Boys’ classic heartbreaker “God Only Knows.” Cuomo, on his depressingly named YouTube account, “RiversCuomoAlone,” sits down in a small studio … read more »

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The Tripwire: Deerhunter’s Flashback to (the Gold Sounds of) 1990-Something

Greetings from Pavement week here in New York City—when music writers everywhere are treating the reunion package with far more enthusiasm than the shrugs Pavement themselves seem to be giving from the stage. It legitimately … read more »

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Tent Posts: Bumbershoot, Day 2

Because Bumbershoot sits right in downtown Seattle, and because admission is relatively cheap, the audience for the entire festival on any given day is usually dictated by whoever is headlining that evening. The crowd skewed … read more »

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Video: B.O.B. f. Rivers Cuomo, “Magic”

B.O.B.‘s video dream apparently transported him back to 1998—it looks like he’s suspended in the director’s cut of American Pie, fist-pumping at a pool party with babes while pop-punk cohort Rivers Cuomo wears a throwback … read more »

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This Is The Cover Art For Weezer's New Album

Not sure if it will include the rendering of the above jewel case, or if it’ll simply be that photo of actor Jorge Garcia alone. We vote for the former. Hurley will be out September 15 … read more »


Of Course We're Posting Weezer's Official Video For Their U.S. Soccer Anthem Today

We posted “Represent” alongside a fan-made video at the start of the World Cup. To be honest, we were pretty into it but thought the song registered a little high on the cheeseball scale. That … read more »

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Weezer Release World Cup Inspired Track For Team U.S.A

And we leave you for the World Cup weekend with this: a new Weezer track penned to inspire team U.S.A. to victory in the coming weeks. Our moms wouldn’t be so hot on “Represent.” The … read more »


Live: Weezer Played Thom Thom Club in Santa Monica

Words and Photos by Shamara Jones Weezer played a six song set last night at Thom Thom Club in Santa Monica. After several months of only playing for each other, Rivers Cuomo and the guys … read more »

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Weezer Gets In On The Dentist Office Music Market

The last time you were listening to Rivers Cuomo and crew, were you thinking to yourself, It would be really great if they started playing music that was appropriate for easy listening stations? Well, April … read more »

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